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Having unlimited support means that no matter the complexity or severity of the issue, your systems will be fixed without the worry of a variable bill. Unlimited support secures business operations so that they will not be impacted should an issue arise as it is in the service provider’s interest to keep the network in an up and stable state at all times – the more issues, the less profit the provider gains. Unlimited hours means the provider can take on proactive projects to eliminate risk without the need to justify labor costs to the client.

The automation and remediation systems Doberman has in place are designed to ensure all patching and “down” events occur after hours when you are away from your business – no down time during production required. The majority of emergencies occur during an update or change action. With a Doberman contract, you are guaranteed after-hours support to deal with these potential business disruptions before the next day. Doberman can take mitigation actions to remove risks after business hours to minimize the disruption to your business operations.

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