Backup & Disaster Recovery

Doberman’s backup methodologies have been tested and perfected to ensure that work is restored when it matters most. Doberman actively manages, monitors and maintains your backup behind the scenes. An unmanaged backup is worse than no backup at all. Having a valid backup of your data is the final defense against a security breach. If data is maliciously compromised, you can recover it from the backed up, intact copy. Having disaster recovery services for minor loss events ensures that your overall “uptime” will be increased, as standardized solutions sets will be implemented to minimize the possibility of outages.

Disaster mitigation/recovery services are a core section of managing business continuity. Through the use of our continuity platform, Doberman can ensure that even a full site loss event does not impact the ability to access your core data services. Some disaster events are not caused by equipment failure or natural causes, but are instead caused by security related events. By having the ability to recover and mitigate those events via the service agreement, Doberman lowers your overall risk of lost data.

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