Managed Services

Efficiency through automation. Doberman offers a wide variety of fully managed platforms designed to protect and support the core of your business needs. Microsoft and 3rd Party Application Patch Management, Managed Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Content-Filtration, Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery services (Onsite, Offsite, and Virtual Standby technologies), Network Monitoring and more. Take the headache out of IT and let Doberman manage your network.


Physical Infrastructure

A good foundation is the core of every business — If the foundation collapses, the business shuts down. Doberman offers a full team of qualified engineers to handle your physical infrastructure needs. If you don’t know exactly where each piece of your network is located, or what each part is, or if it plain looks like rat’s nest of cabling, you have a physical infrastructure deficit.


Equipment Procurement

A chain is only as strongest as its weakest link. Doberman focuses on in depth understanding of hardware and software requirements based around our client’s needs, industry standards, and our many years of experience in the field. By crafting solution sets based off of proven technologies, Doberman insures that every dollar spent on equipment is well spent.


IT Planning / Analytics

Knowledge is power. An informed business is a successful business, and because of this Doberman strives to offer insight into all areas of technology. Our planning and analytic services are designed to give in depth knowledge of how systems are running, review corporate policies for improvement, insure that client satisfaction is excellent and give our clients an update on industry trends, upcoming expenditures, and long term planning.


Cloud Services

Remove your risks, lower your costs. Cloud services have been growing year over year above 15%. From a 2010 Market of approximately $76.9B to a predicted $210B market by close of 2016, the cloud is very much “here.” Doberman has specialized in making sure that we can not only assist in a transition to cloud-based infrastructure, but that we can analyze and recommend the cloud services that make sense for our clients.


Virtual Chief Information Officer

Doberman’s high-level engineering staff routinely reviews all of our client’s networks. By compiling findings from automated systems and service staff, the engineering team compiles an action plan to ensure systems perform as required by your business.


Vendor Management

By interacting with your vendors, Doberman will improve response by spending the time managing those relationships that you don’t have the time for. Doberman guarantees that your vendors will deliver what they’ve promised. Doberman will supervise third parties while they interact with your network, ensuring that no malicious or inadvertent actions that could cause disruption to your business occur.


Business Help Desk

Having unlimited support means that no matter the complexity or severity of the issue, your systems will be fixed without the worry of a variable bill. Unlimited support secures business operations so that they will not be impacted should an issue arise as it is in the service provider’s interest to keep the network in an up and stable state at all times – the more issues, the less profit the provider gains.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Doberman’s backup methodologies have been tested and perfected to ensure that work is restored when it matters most. Doberman actively manages, monitors and maintains your backup behind the scenes. An unmanaged backup is worse than no backup at all. Having a valid backup of your data is the final defense against a security breach.