An effective way to think about Cyber-Security is to picture your home. Your family, pets, memories, photographs, possessions, and important documents are all in your home – and you invest in methodologies to protect them. Starting with a solid front door, quality windows, locks and perhaps a fence – moving on to an alarm system, motion detectors and perhaps cameras, and then relying on response such as the police, a dog, and perhaps your trusty baseball bat – you’ve created a multi-layered approach to your home security situation.

This strategy you’ve created is the basis of the Doberman Cyber-Security platform. Together we:

  • Identify what is important in your business
  • Put in Protection strategies to keep bad actors away from your valuable data
  • Create monitoring systems that allow for Detection in the event the protection is bypassed which in turn allows us to have a Response team in place.
  • Alongside our Recovery team, this allows for a robust, multi-layered approach to keep your business safe from outside threats

Having this approach ensures that your team can continue to execute on your plan, while we walk alongside you, guarding against the threats of today and tomorrow.



We IDENTIFY what is is important to you.

We put in PROTECTION, DETECTION, RESPONSE, and RECOVERY capabilities around what is important.

We review the plan moving forward with you to make sure nothing needs to change.

So, schedule your call today to start moving forward. And in the meantime, sign up here for our complimentary guidance that will show up each month in your mailbox.

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