Our RCS System



All the pretty bells and whistles don’t mean anything if the car is a lemon. Doberman’s first of our three core principles is stationed that way on purpose: If your network isn’t reliable, there’s no point in having it. Every aspect of Doberman’s operations is based around insuring client systems are stable and reliable. From managed services insuring that the core aspects of the system are at a 90%+ health rating, to long-term planning insuring that aging risks are properly planned for, Doberman will help keep you “open for business”.



Doberman’s second principle is Continuity – which goes hand in hand, while being head to head with Reliability. Planning for failure is the core of continuity, as the rule of thumb in IT is that ALL aspects of technology WILL fail, it’s a matter of how and when. Doberman uses a robust strategy consisting of a multifaceted approach to insure that our clients are prepared for all manners of disaster. When disaster does strike, Doberman will be there to see you through the storm.



The last of Doberman’s core principles is Security. The concept of security is the single greatest challenge faced in IT today, and is a constant revision process. There is never a single solution that solves all risks, nor is there a final state in a network that can provide 100% security. Doberman focuses on tracking industry threats and preventing those threats from affecting our clients. Through a variety of proactive methodologies, Doberman stands guard over your data.