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Of Tickets

Doberman was able to resolve an issue with our optometric equipment that even the vendor’s customer support was not able to resolve.  We cannot begin to thank you for getting us back up and running this morning, so patients did not have to be rescheduled to have this test completed as part of their eye exam.  You saved us time and money today.   Doberman continues to demonstrate their ROI!  Thank you so much!

Susan L., Healthcare

Thank you for all you’re help in getting the Atlas Software installed. Floyd, Megan and Joe were all great and extremely helpful during the stressful process. I appreciate the efforts and time put into making the process as smooth as possible.

Amanda L., Healthcare

A.J. was onsite before we even called to report the problem.  Thank you for being on top of everything.

Michelle H., Small Business

Another case of you recognizing and solving a problem before we recognized we had one. You do a great job of proactively keeping us running.

Sue L., Healthcare

As always Doberman is right at our side to make sure that our needs are met. Exceptional service!

Jack W., Legal

Awesome as usual. They are the best of the best. Thank you guys!!!

Cheryl V., Healthcare


Amy Jo D., Small Business

No sooner had I submitted my concern via email, I received a phone call to try to fix my problem.  And she noticed my PC was running slow, so she put a ticket in for me to have that problem addressed without my having to do anything.

Wendy C., Healthcare

You guys are always a life saver and have so much knowledge and just providing great customer service all the way around with every need and problems we have. You guys Rock!!!

Melanie C., Healthcare

The tech arrived before we could even report the problem. Dobermans is proactive in problem solving. You remotely recognized we had before we saw it. You are amazing!

Carol B., Healthcare

Making sure we help you achieve your goals is our mission.

In support of that mission, we want to give you a few commitments up front:

Yes Check

When you work with Doberman, we will ALWAYS:

  • We will ALWAYS tell you the truth, even if it hurts.
  • We will ALWAYS treat you, your team, and your other partners with decency and respect.
  • We will ALWAYS solve problems.
  • We will ALWAYS keep you in the loop.
  • We will ALWAYS find what’s right for you.
  • We will ALWAYS focus on keeping you growing, while keeping you safe.
  • We will ALWAYS LISTEN more than we talk.
  • We will ALWAYS make sure we understand what you want.

No Cross

By the same token, there are a few things we will NEVER do — and we wanted to let you know those as well:

  • We will NEVER lie.
  • We will NEVER propose a solution that doesn’t fit YOUR needs.
  • We will NEVER assign blame — there’s no pointing fingers allowed.
  • We will NEVER not take the time to explain.
  • We will NEVER leave you without someone to count on.
  • We will NEVER stop working to help your team grow.

Who Is Doberman

At Doberman we understand that you want to lead your business through growth while remaining profitable and able to deliver on your promises to customers, employees, and your community. In order to do that, you need your technology to work for you, instead of against you.

The problem is that you are dealing with an ineffective I.T. partner who doesn’t have a plan to help you, which in turn makes you feel that you can’t trust them to work in your best interest and help you succeed.

We believe that all small businesses deserve to have a truly trusting and reliable I.T. partner that turns technology into the wind in their sails that helps propel you to your destination.

We understand how missed goals, lack of return on your investment, and out of control costs can cripple a business; we used to have the same problems! That is why we developed the Stress-Free.IT platform to help remove those barriers to success.


You deserve to have an I.T. partner that invests in the companies that you use in your business. Doberman has formed in depth relationships with the below companies to better serve as your advocate.


A key piece of the technology puzzle is making sure that your I.T. team keeps up to date on the latest technology solutions. Doberman invests in this education to ensure that when you need a new solution, the team is ready to respond. The below certifications are a sampling of our current technical staff’s qualifications who are ready to work for you.