As a business owner or manager, you constantly deal with decisions. One of the more challenging decisions is deciding where to deploy your valuable capital expenditure budget – how do you spend those hard earned dollars that will deliver a return on investment for your business? How can you make sure that your technology spending is the RIGHT type of spending?

Doberman understands that with all of the acronyms, buzz words, and gibberish thrown around by the technology industry, it can be quite frustrating to try to get a plain-English plan on how to invest in technology to grow your business. Our Stress-Free.IT platform is designed around “no tech speak” conversations with you, your team, and ourselves to navigate the various options on how you can effectively balance traditional capital investment and cloud-based operating expenses to maximize the efficacy of your technology strategy.

Let us guide you on the path of cloud adoption to start making your dollars go further for your business.



We look at everything you’re doing in your business today, along with what’s on the horizon in the next 1-2 years.

We map out where the cloud might make sense for your business.

We execute the plan, together.

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