While technology in the world is changing weekly, certain areas of your business are staying relatively static. One such area is the dependency on quality phone-based communication with your customers, partners, and prospects. You and your team need your voice communication to work with you, instead of against you. The problem is that sometimes voice technology just doesn’t get the job done that you need it to.

Doberman understands that not only does your “phone need to ring”, but you need more from voice than ever before: Things like reporting and metrics to guide your team to success, recordings for training and analysis, and solutions for a distributed workforce that is on the move are just a few of the challenges your business faces. Doberman has developed a voice platform that can help your team overcome these obstacles while saving your business valuable dollars over traditional phone services.

Utilizing this system, your team can get the performance they need at a cost that is friendly to your budget.



We find out what’s right, wrong, missing, and confusing about your current phone situation.

We build a plan together to optimize what’s right, while addressing whats wrong, missing, and confusing.

We execute that plan as a team.

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